What to Look for in Horse Riding Boots

horse riding boots

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned horse rider, you would be advised to look into the difference between traditional boots and riding boots. If you have an impression that all boots are essentially the same, think again. There are numerous differences between them and choosing the wrong one can cause harm to your horse or damage your feet. While it is not recommended that you buy all-out cheap boots, it is advisable to choose a pair that will give you maximum protection and comfort.

What is Important?

Traditional boots are often the cheaper option for horse riding boots and favour more favoured by beginners and parents of young beginners as well as older riders because of their relatively lower cost. But they are not all created equal and so the horse riding boot difference can be explained in several different ways. Here is a summary of some of the common horse riding boot difference:

  • Hard soles. The best horse riding boots will feature solid rubber soles which are long-lasting and very comfortable, while also being very durable and able to withstand repeated wear and tear.
  • Non-slip sole. This feature allows for maximum support and comfort especially during tough riding conditions such as mud, sand and rocky terrains.
  • Protective toe area. Most riding boots come with padded toe guards which make your horse riding experience even more comfortable.
  • Design. The most common design of horse riding boots is those that feature uppers made of leather with plastic or nylon inserts on the soles. Others come in various designs such as those that are made from neoprene and others that are made from a special foam and others that feature buckles.
  • Style. Most riding boots come in a variety of colours and styles and most of the time, they are made with either suede or velvet, which offer unique looks to your horse riding attire.

A good pair of riding boots is always preferred over other types of footwear because it will help to protect your feet and ensure that your feet are well supported even if your horse is not in the best riding condition. You should also consider the boots’ style and design to make sure that they are not too flamboyant or too much casual to suit formal events.

horse riding boots

Style and Fit

Some will not like any horse riding boot that is too tight. For this, you can go for a pair of boots that are loose enough to allow your feet to breathe but not loose enough to slip off. Your feet will feel comfortable when you are not wearing any tight or constricting footwear. Also, some boots offer additional compartments to carry extra stuff like riding apparel.

Style is not only about looking good, but it also includes comfort. This means that a pair of boots should have extra padding, heel and toe pads that will provide comfort when your feet are resting on the saddle. The padding is very important because it is where your feet are going to be rubbing, especially if your horse is not gentle on the reins and your foot rubs against the stirrups.

Comfort is an essential feature of footwear as well since this is what equestrian riding is all about. It’s about the quality of your ride, not about looking good.

Buying a horse riding boot is important since your boots will be worn for a long time. They are more important than other types of shoes because your feet will have to bear the pressure of the saddle and the horse’s weight.

Buying a good pair of horse riding boots is not that difficult to do. You need to know how to shop around so that you get the best price and you will be buying from reliable brands who are known to produce quality horse riding boots. So before buying a new pair of boots, first do your research and check out the reviews to see what brands are most popular among other horse riders who have been riding for years.

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